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Badge samples for 2014 by chrispco Badge samples for 2014 by chrispco
With Fur The More and Furry Weekend Atlanta coming up in the next month, it’s time to work on some sample badges!

These two don’t belong to anyone, so they’ll probably be my display friends all con season. I felt I needed a fox on my display board, and the rabbit came from me doing an image search for “cute animals.” The fox got to have a cupcake, since FWA is the birthday week for both me and my table mate - Becca Hillburn of

Who wants a birthday-themed badge?

I'm looking to add one more badge to my display, and I'd like it to be a named character, so I can show how I letter names. Looking for a female of a different animal type. I'll likely go with an unused character from my vault, but I'll at least listen to suggestions.

Badges are 3x4" on Bristol board and drawn with ink and Copic markers.
Iron-Ed Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's one of the sweetest bunny-girls I can recall seeing!  Her personality really shows.
On the other hand... Why does fox-boy give me the impression that's more fuse than candle on his cupcake??  :-)
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