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The Precocious Costume Contest! by chrispco The Precocious Costume Contest! by chrispco
All the details here:…

To honor my first Precocious Halloween story (only took five years), I'm holding a contest and giveaway! Not only that, but you get to influence the current Precocious story in the process!

Here's the gist: If it's Halloween, we need costumes for the kids! I have *my* costume ideas, but I want to hear yours! Email me - - with ideas for what the kids can dress up as! Those that catch my interest will be drawn into the comic - and my favorite idea will be chosen for the grand prize! I will draw the winner a piece of art featuring their costume suggestion! All those who enter will have their name put into a drawing, and the winner gets a signed Precocious book or an art card from my collection!

For submissions, I ask you to keep it to just your costume ideas. "(Character name) as (costume idea)," with a brief description and/or a link to what you're referencing, if needed. Please don't add in your own jokes. That's my job!

I would *love* to make this an art contest too! If you submit an illustration of you costume idea, you get my love and favoritism - and will allow me to share your work with my readers after the story is over! The important part is to get the ideas in, though, so get submissions in soon! (You can always send art later! *wink*)

Read all the details and stuff in the link up top. I hope to see your thoughts in my inbox! May your brain enhance my comic!
tbolt Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Given my current skill level, do stick-figures count? =p :D
chrispco Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
Haha, sure! 

But don't feel too much pressure to draw. I'll listen to all ideas that come it, even without art bribery!
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October 15, 2013
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